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The beginning

Doubly Good was founded in May 2020 after the founders had worked together for some years. We’re a Service Development company.

Working together

Lee and Leigh met in 2017, when they both joined John Lewis Ventures, thrown together in a crucible of projects that covered food recipe boxes, hyper-local delivery services, smart locks, AI-driven wardrobe recommendations and much more. They recognised each other as kindred and complimentary spirits and realised that they enjoyed working together to solve really interesting problems

Interesting problems

Interesting problems is what makes us tick. We ❤️ a challenge. Whether it’s building novel delivery services for a large supermarket; providing digital health services in emerging economies; or helping a global manufacturing business improve the way they handle their R&D data. Our sweet spot is where humans interact with physical and digital worlds.

We’ve worked for a lot of diverse businesses, and love to bring that eclectic knowledge and experience to the work at Doubly Good

What kind of business is Doubly Good?

When they set up Doubly Good Leigh & Lee knew what kind of business they wanted to create.

They knew that they didn’t simply want to emulate the big management consultancies, nor did they want to be a software development outsourcing factory. They also knew that making their own products & services had to be part of the mix.

They knew they wanted to make a business that focussed on making things, solving interesting problems for their clients, and doing this with a diverse group of people.

What kind of clients?

Between them, Leigh & Lee had worked with a lot of different organisations in a lot of different sectors.

Diversity of experience is a Doubly Good superpower. Having done fintech, healthcare, airlines, online and offline retail, hospitality, telcos, marketing, manufacturing, media, creative, pharma, and many more… we felt we were in an amazing position to bring our knowledge to bear on new work.

However, our experience is only one side of the coin. We don’t have any answers unless we get the business context from our clients. One of the reasons we knew what kind of business we want to set up was that we wanted to work with clients that were as passionate about solving the problem as we were. We were not going to be effective working for someone that just gave us ‘just do it’ instructions.

Some of the genuinely hard questions we’ve come across…

  • “Why is it so hard for a Supermarket to put one tomato in a box?”
  • “How do we get isolated rural clinics in Kenya to report on emergency resources needed to fight Covid?”
  • “Why do we have to pause our application deployments between 3pm and 8am at a UK retail bank?”

To find the answer to these questions, you’ll need to speak to us in person 😉

Service Development?

Here at Doubly Good, we call ourselves a “Service Development Company”, but what does that mean?

Here’s our working definition:

“Service development is all the work required to create successful, sustainable services with the best outcomes for everyone involved”

Service Development is influenced by our experience of:

  • Delivering solutions for customer needs
  • Creating space for innovation
  • Improving decision-making
  • Aligning digital and human systems
  • Understanding the way people work and perform best
  • Managing change

Many organisations focus on the first item, whilst neglecting the others. We believe that organisations that become effective in Service Development will consistently have better outcomes. We have the experience and the tools to help businesses of any size.

If you’d like to know more, you can check out our dedicated Service Development area - or drop us a line

The nitty gritty…

small sheaf of papers Now you know a little more about what makes us tick! Below is some of the useful info that everyone needs to know…

Data, security and privacy policies

This stuff is important, so, we make sure it happens.

Useful information

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