The Elephant in the Room

I've heard about Mastodon, isn't it just like Twitter? How does it affect my business? What the heck is a Fediverse?

Managing conflicting priorities with RICE

When you have a big pile of ideas and conflicting views on their importance, how do you distinguish between what you SHOULD build and what you WANT to build?

The Cause of Death is...

How using a pre-mortem can help you avoid killing your product.

Using a big brand can hurt

Start-ups operating inside a bigger enterprise are often tempted to use the parent brand, but is it a shield, an umbrella or a safety net?

Innovation vs Transformation

Why your innovation lab isn't going to transform your business.

Testing Times

Today, I want to talk to you about testing. No, not to your tech team, to you, the business owner. Testing is an investment in the future stability of your product and company. If you have a problem later, it will definitely cost you more to fix it. If it’s a really bad problem. It can destroy your business, and may land you in prison.

Better Than Usable

To me, saying an app is 'usable' is on a par with saying a meal was 'edible'...

Spikes, POCs, Prototypes and the MVP

Here I attempt to provide some clarity around what I consider the differences between Spikes, POCs, Prototypes and the MVP. Mainly so I never have to hear the phrase “Let’s just knock up a quick MVP to see if the client likes it” again…

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