Build a Scaffold...

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Build a Scaffold…

Back in March this year, I wrote about the tension between businesses that have innovation labs and transformation units. I suggested that businesses could do more with transformation and rely less on innovation, by turning transformation into a process practice, rather than a single-hit ‘transformation’. Evolution over revolution if you like.

Recently, I’ve had the great pleasure of working within the Ventures department at John Lewis Partnership. This has, by far, been one of the most successful innovation labs that I’ve ever worked in, and I’m sorry to be leaving. However, it seems that JLP have (by coincidence) taken my advice.

Ventures' future is uncertain, but it looks like the Partnership are restructuring to face the challenging landscape of modern retail. Whatever happens, the spirit of Ventures will be taken back into the main business and help create the foundations for the next 150 years of the business.

However, this is a turbulent time for the 60-odd people inside Ventures who are facing going back into the main business. It can be a little daunting, when you’ve had independence, autonomy and responsibility for the success of your own products and services. So, as I left I wanted to offer a little solace and encouragement.

To those in Ventures and others in similar position, here’s to you 🍾 - build a scaffold… (I hope you enjoy the presentation)